Case Study: Web Development and Hiring Consultation

Over the summer of 2012, we met with one of our clients and a new client of theirs, who was looking for a simple website to be made. The agreement was that our client would make the design and that we would take care of implementation.

Later that summer, our client brought in a new programmer and decided to execute the implementation of this website in-house. As far as we know, there was no technical interview of this new employee, simply because our client didn’t have any programmers on staff. Fast forward to a couple months later: their client is unhappy, the website that this employee executed was done poorly, and they came to us and asked us to review the source code of the website as it was. We found severe problems with the implementation we were shown and demonstrated to the client that these issues were entirely non-trivial.

Our client then asked us to implement the website properly, which we did. The project was simple: install WordPress for the end client to use to manage content, recreate the mockup using a custom theme (for which we used Bootstrap), integrate Twitter so that new posts would be tweeted, and set up email for the domain. The entire project took approximately three hours to implement, not counting minor follow-up tweaks at the client’s request, and the client is now happy with the final product.

So what ended up happening here? Our client double-paid for a simple project and likely took a net loss.

This scenario is one which we can help others avoid. This is why we offer consultation on technical interviews (as written under the “Hiring Consultation” heading on our Technical Consulting page). If you need to hire an employee whose technical skills you aren’t quite able to judge, we can help and your investment will likely pay off very quickly.

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