Mathematical Consulting

A description of some of our mathematical consulting services is below, but is not exhaustive. Contact us with your specific needs for a free initial consultation.

Data Analysis & Data Mining

It is increasingly easy to gather large sets of data, whether it be sales numbers, service usage statistics, web traffic analytics, or whatever else is relevant to your small business. The difficulty of analyzing a data set increases with the size of that data set, however.

We have a suite of analytical tools to help make sense of your data, to pick out salient components, to identify trends, and more. Our experience in employing established mathematical methods and in developing new ones for novel situations is at your disposal. Our identification of what you are looking for in your data set and our analysis thereof will give you solid conclusions to consider in deciding how to best expand your business.

Predictive Modeling

Preparing adequately for both the short-term and long-term future is vital to growing small businesses. However, it can be difficult to make reasonable predictions, especially since it is difficult to be entirely objective about one's own business in which much effort, time, and emotion has been invested.

If you are able to provide quantifiable information about your business' development over a recent time span, we will be able to use statistical models to identify recent trends and extrapolate them into reasonable numerical predictions. These predictions will help you best adjust your efforts towards being prepared to handle and embrace what the future may hold.

Scalability Consulting

With the potential for rapid growth in this increasingly technological era, scalability is a fundamental concern. A website, for example, might be picked up on social media platforms and suddenly undergo a barrage of internet traffic which its server cannot handle.

It is vital to be prepared to scale as necessary, whether that be in terms of serving your website, placing large orders to expand your inventory for increased demand, or beginning a hiring process. We offer scalability consulting so that you do not over prepare for growth - or, worse, under prepare.

Computational Modeling

We have considerable experience in modeling complex systems with a plethora of interrelated variables in which one must simply crunch numbers in order to analyze a system of interest. Our experience with differential equations, stochastic processes, probabilistic methods, optimization algorithms, and other areas lends itself lends itself well to expertly crafting robust and fruitful computational models.

If you can identify a set of variables you need to model and a set of constraints that must be heeded, we can work with you to craft a computational model adjusted to your needs.

Scientific Computation

Scientific problems are increasingly subject to computational methods. There are too many possible scenarios to enumerate here; our broad experience in theoretical mathematics, applied mathematics, artificial intelligence methods, computational methods, algorithm design, &c is available to you.

Contact us with a description of your specific needs and we will enter a discussion on how we might be able to assist you.