Technical Consulting

The technical services that we have chosen to focus on providing were picked out based on their utility to growing businesses and our areas of expertise. They fall into two main categories: preparing for growth and handling growth.

Growth Readiness

Whatever your area of business is, you most likely rely heavily on technology (or should). Economy of scale dictates that different levels of growth require different solutions. Cheap web hosting may be fine for a basic website, but what if your website is linked to on a large social media site and too much traffic rushes in, crashing your website right when it's most needed? Emailing documents to one another is fine when you have three employees, but what about when you have to manage hundreds of documents amongst half a dozen employees?

Our chief technical consulting service is to make sure that you are properly equipped for development. You shouldn't have to suffer from growing pains; with our help, you can be prepared to embrace rapid growth.

Hiring Consultation

We have a very strong background in a wide range of areas including computer science, software development, web development, and information technology (IT). If you are planning to bring in people with technical skills - programmers, developers, system administrators - but are not sure how to gauge applicants' degree of skill, we can help.

We can craft a set of questions to be given during your interview process whose answers we can review in order to help you choose the best employee or contractor. We can either administer the technical interview ourselves or let you administer it yourself, whichever your prefer. A decade of experience in programming, server management, and many other technical skills is available to help you screen potential employees.

Project Management

Most small businesses will start with one or two people dedicated to a certain task, such as a programmer dedicated to coding websites for your clients or an employee dedicated to managing your company's social media campaigns. As you grow in size, however, the amount of work each of these people has to do will become too much and you will have to bring in more people. It can be difficult to properly manage several or more people working on a single project if you are not experienced in what they are working on. For example, a group of programmers can be very inefficient in properly splittng up work on a large programming project if they haven't had much experience doing so.

We have experience both in working in teams and in managing and directing teams. We can help manage a team of employees or contractors that you have brought in for a large project requiring technical skills (such as programming) in order to ensure its organized and efficient completion.

Vulnerability Analysis

Depending on what technologies you are using, you may be vulnerable to several types of sophisticated attacks. For example, you may have decided to offer free wireless for your coffee shop. If you use your own wireless to send an email, are you sure that nobody using your free wireless is able to intercept your email as it is sent and steal your passwords or other personal information? If you store user data such as passwords or credit card numbers, are you encrypting it properly? Even large companies often make the news for having improperly protected data being stolen. With growth comes attention, both good and bad - and you may be liable.

Our expertise in common (and not so common) security risks such as susceptibility to SQL injection, cross-site scripting, packet sniffing, and many others allows us to test your setup for any vulnerabilities and fix them. There is no reason you should leave yourself open to attack, and we can make sure that you don't.