Technical Services

Although our main focus is on mathematical and technical consulting, we offer several technical services. If you need a service not listed below, feel free to contact us - we may expand our offerings.

Web Hosting

We rent virtualized servers and configure them ourselves in order to be able to offer you a double-fold advantage: the security of not having to worry about hardware failure due to our servers being managed in data centers around the world, and the benefit of our being able to aggressively optimize those servers to be lightning fast and to support the software that you need.

We do not offer standard hosting plans and instead will craft a custom hosting package that is best suited to your current needs, yet able to handle sudden growth.

Web Development

Web development is a rapidly evolving paradigm that differs fundamentally from traditional software development. We have over a decade of experience in web development and keep up to date with the latest best practices. We employ the paradigm of progressive enhancement to ensure the highest degree of quality in user experience.

We employ HTML 5, CSS 3, and jQuery for web development, supplanted by the server-side PHP and Python programming languages and SQL database systems, to offer expert web development.

Software Development

We have over a decade of programming experience in addition to a formal computer science background. We are familiar with and experienced in advanced algorithm design, data structures, programming best practices, and software architecture design; if you need expert software development, you need look no further.

We currently offer development in the C, Java, Python, and Prolog programming languages, as well as iOS development.

Domain, DNS Management

In order to have a public website, you must first choose a domain name, usually with a .com suffix and often with several alternate domains. We can aid you in choosing and registering domain names and then configuring them to work with your web hosting. We also offer extended management of your domain names and their DNS settings should you ever need subdomains, move to a different web host, need to set up email, or whatever else you may need.

E-Commerce Entrance

Any business that sells a physical product should take advantage of modern e-commerce software. We have been following the evolution of standard e-commerce software for years and can help you set up your first online store, integrate a payment gateway, and implement a custom design for your online store. Please note that managing your online catalog and updating your inventory are not among our offered services.